Merchandising, simply put, is the process of ensuring that your products are available in the right place at the right price. We know that achieving a successful visit is down to much more than just this though.


Our national field team are hugely experienced merchandisers who regularly visit all store types in their areas. Through these visits they build up strong relationships with store colleagues at all levels, enabling them to put your brand’s key messages to the forefront of the stores mind.


Relationships aren’t the only thing to make a merchandising visit successful, so that’s why we combine the power of people and data. With our in-house analytics team, we can analyse sales data and through our proprietary algorithms predict what stores have the biggest opportunity for merchandising.


The retail industry is progressing and so are we. With our ability to know the issues in store before crossing the threshold, we work with you to reduce your costs whilst boosting your return.

Why flexforce?

Flexforce are the UKs largest dedicated tactical field marketing agency with some of the leading field representatives and staff in the industry. We offer you increased availability, higher sales and better compliance for your products – at the times you need it most.


With our ability to activate short term campaigns quickly and efficiently, we can limit issues instore and provide you with a fully national response within days. Due to the flexible nature of flexforce, we can work with you on the largest campaigns, visiting entire estates of stores within a short window of time, or simply visit the handful of stores that need your brands presence. There is no job too big or too small, too complex or too simple.


We can combine merchandising with other tasks in store to maximise the opportunity in every store. Get in touch with one of our expert account managers today to find out how we can help take your instore presence to the next level.

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