Flexforce offer a full and extensive auditing service, ensuring that your brand is as it should be in any given outlet. Examples of when auditing may need to be commissioned include large seasonal promotions in major grocery chains, your first paid for off-shelf position or simply as a health check up on your brands positioning in store.


Auditing is an important part of ensuring brand consistency and in assessing the effectiveness of any given marketing campaign. We can activate an auditing activity of any size quickly and effectively across the breadth of the UK.


Our national team have strong relationships in store, which enables us to not only report back an issue when auditing, but to proactively fix the issue in store. Whether you have book stock errors, merchandising issues or promotions not being activated, our team have the knowhow to report back accurately and resolve any issue whilst in store. The result of this is a clear understanding of your presence in stores and a sales boost where issues are fixed.

Why flexforce?

By using flexforce for your auditing needs, you benefit from the experience of our vast network of field marketing experts. Covering 98% of the United Kingdom, we can visit every store and make an impact on behalf of your brand.


With our ever advancing app, you receive up to date data from stores and in-depth analysis from our in house analytics team. Combine this with our super helpful account management team and you are onto a winner.


We don’t think you should receive a lesser service on ad-hoc visits, that’s why our head office is structured to give you expertise, support and efficiency as you would with a full time team.


Get in touch with our experts today by calling 01293 297900, for an initial discussion on how we can assist with your auditing needs.

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