We’re rethinking retail one shopper mission at a time, helping you adjust your brand to the needs of consumers, retailers and the industry as a whole. FLEXtogether brings together multiple brands – be it from within one manufacturer with multiple brands, or several different manufacturers happy to work in partnership – to achieve a more efficient outcome in store. By joining together, the costs are shared appropriately between everyone without losing the quality of delivery.


We understand that every brand is at a different place in its journey, however that doesn’t mean that they cannot utilise a field sales team to increase returns across the channels they operate in. Through a cost sharing model, based on the number of products, every size brand now has this opportunity and can work together to achieve their common goals – to increase consumer availability and therefore sell more.


From merchandising to promotional compliance, new product audits to point of sale placement, FLEXtogether enables everyone access to instore marketing – whatever their size.

Why you should use FLEXtogether?

1.Lower costs than traditional solus tactical campaigns – perfect for startup brands or companies that use budget from different places.


2. Full benefit of a national tactical field team – you get the same great team supporting your campaign on FLEXtogether, meaning you get their expertise building your brand in store.


3. Tried and tested – We work with over 90 brands already and being a dedicated tactical agency, Flexforce have the expertise to get the best return for your brand


Get in touch with one of our team today to find out how we can help take your instore presence to the next level.

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