Traditionally there has been a lack of easily accessible, robust and reliable data to guide and enhance field sales visits into the convenience sector. Constantly updated as a result of regular visits to 100,000s of stores every year, along with additional external data sources, Flexforce can now target the stores that our insights tell us will be more likely to buy your product.


A proprietorial field data system, Target Enhance uses over 2 million data points across multiple categories in convenience to identify the best opportunity to maximise strike rate when selling directly to convenience stores. What this means in simple terms is, using Target Enhance will help you sell more.


Campaigns that have utilised Target Enhance have seen an increase of 39% in the number of stores sold into versus a comparable standard sales campaign. Not only is there an increase in sales but due to the way we calculate what stores to visit, we can achieve this increase whilst visiting fewer stores. This means less money spent on bad calls and more return on your investment!

Why is Target Enhance the right choice for C&I sales campaigns?

1. Target Enhance is continually updated. Every visit we make updates our system and goes into making this tool even more accurate each and every time it is used.


2. Proven to increase sales. With a 39% increase in the strike rate when using Target Enhance, you benefit from greater sales and an even greater return.


3. Greater efficiencies due to the reduction in unsuccessful visits. This means you are paying less and the field team is more motivated as they know they can sell into each store they go into.


4. We also track store discipline ensuring your distribution sticks and that we are only visiting outlets likely to increase and maintain distribution.


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