The convenience sector is a fast growing sector that is expected to grow by more than 17%* by 2022. This means that you could be missing out on increased sales if Independent and Convenience stores are not stocking your products.


With a team that specialises in convenience sales drives across the UK, flexforce specialise in being able to increase your share of market and distribution in this sector nationwide. Whether it is a trial of a few hundred stores, or a mass sales drive to 10,000 outlets per month, flexforce have the scalability and adaptability to deliver results for sales campaigns of all sizes.


We have worked on new product launches as well as standard sales drives. We work with you from day 1 to develop a sales campaign that works. Our sales drive team have experience across the industry and work to ensure your product is the one a retailer buys.


*IGD, June 2017

Why flexforce?

Over the last few years we have grown and developed a fantastic sales drives team across the UK. We are able to activate and contract them when required, giving you the flexibility to scale up and down as required.


You also receive an account management team that will support your campaign from inception through to delivery, providing you with daily updates and insight from our analytics team to maximise return.


If you are looking for a proven sales drive partner, contact us today by using the form below. Alternatively call us on 01293 297900 to talk to one of our Convenience experts.

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