Telemarketing can be a cost-effective method in contacting large numbers of outlets quickly and efficiently. Whether you are promoting an upcoming offer, running a questionnaire or boosting sales, we can conduct campaigns of any scale for your brand.


Being a fully integrated field marketing agency, flexforce can combine your telemarketing campaign with field visits to follow up on phone calls and boost your targets. With flexforce, telemarketing can be a powerful marketing and sales technique, with the correct approach tailored to your business needs.

Why flexforce?

flexforce are one of the only field marketing agencies that can offer tactical services and telemarketing under the same roof. We think that everything works better when it is integrated together, with the same managers providing direction and support. Our teams at flexforce are well versed in all aspects of the business and have experience running all activities. This knowledge helps build a telemarketing campaign that is both efficient and effective, tying in with other aims and future campaigns.


By using flexforce you don’t just get a telemarketing campaign, you get expert advice and guidance on how best to boost your brand and increase sales. Contact us today to discover how an integrated telemarketing campaign can boost your promotion.

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