Technology is a part of everyday life and we believe that field marketing should be no different. The combination of data, our technology and our people add up to a bigger return on investment for your brand.


As part of the Acosta Group, we have access to industry leading software and algorithms – all developed in house using the knowledge gained over decades in the field. We know where your sales are low, why they are low and how to fix them.


The power of people and data combined allows us to be more targeted, more accurate and ensure a higher rate of implementation and sales for your products. Each campaign is bespoke to you, combining our knowledge and expertise to match your aims. With our national reach, we can mobilise our team to act on what the data says within hours.


What does this mean for you? Simply, lower costs and higher returns. We are only visiting stores that need to be visited and driving actions where required. Going to a set call file is a thing of the past – let us guide you to where you can make the most sales.

Why flexforce?

Being the largest dedicated tactical field marketing agency in the UK, we have the ability to flex our scale to your needs. Our national field team can complete the smallest through to the largest campaigns – nothing is too big or too large, too complex or too simple.

The combination of our people and your data help us activate successful campaigns quickly and efficiently. With flexforce you can visit an entire estate of stores within a matter of days, delivering you quick results and fantastic returns.

Contact us today to find out more about our technology and use of data and we can develop the perfect in store plan for your brand.

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