Spring into Summer with flexforce

The summer is such an important period for retail. In July 2016 sales in the retail sector showed 1.9% growth vs. the same period the previous year. This is in the context of a market value worth ┬ú358 Billion in 2016 ÔÇô generated by the 290,315 outlets serving the public. Weekly sales average ┬ú7.4 Billion in the summer, which makes field support more important to boosting sales and supporting the success of the brands we work with.


During the summer months our service becomes much more relevant to drive incremental gains and availability in store. In 2016, Flexforce activation of activity was 33% higher than the first 5 months of the year. As a company, we activated and operationally managed 250 activities during this time period for our clients ÔÇô totalling 125k store visits. Flexforce supported 37 clients with our team of over 1,000 field representatives based across the U.K. We activated our team to meet the ad-hoc needs of our clients, with coverage of 97% of the postcodes in the U.K.


In 2016, flexforce activated 33% more activities than in the first 5 months of the year


We support all types of retail, with Grocery, Convenience, High Street, discounters, depot and on-trade visits being made. We have a wealth of experience in these different channels, with our team visiting different store groups with a variety of objectives that are designed to meet the requirements of our clients.


The team at Flexforce use the latest technology to drive forward bespoke and live reporting for our clients, which during the summer period has a massive impact on feeding back the situation we find at store-level. We drive our actions through the use of data, and run models bespoke to our clientsÔÇÖ needs and budget during this time period to prevent lost sales and demonstrate the return our team has generated through specific interventions and activation of various mechanics across the retail estate.


From sun cream to soft drinks and confectionary to batteries. We cover all the key brands that experience a massive boost in sales during this period. We take available data and build a strategy and optimise the visited estate to drive as much value as possible. The use of attributes is used as a key indicator, and we build profiles for our clients and lead the process of where to send the team to maximise sales and importantly, return on investment.


In summer 2017 we are aiming to build on the success seen last year, and help support and guide our clients to driving higher sales in a year with forecasted growth of 3% vs. 2016.


If youÔÇÖd like to be part of the Flexforce journey in summer 2017, get in touch today by speaking to one of our experienced Account Managers on 01293 297900. Alternatively email info@flexforce.me and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. LetÔÇÖs make this a summer to remember.

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